Measuring your Business!

What?  Being that we discussed the role measurement and metrics in change initiatives this week, I thought it was appropriate to discuss a recent article I found on the Huffington Post.  The article by Dov Seidman was entitled Measuring How We Do Business.  The article discusses the importance of measurement across industries.    

So what?  This article is unique in that it reflects on current measurements of “how much” but argues these type of measurements do not take into account the “values, behavior and culture” that are the hard currency of the 21st century business.  The article ends by concluding that stakeholders and customers want new measures related sustainability and relationships with suppliers.   

Now what?  The importance of data collection and analysis should be a major component of any change proposal or business for that matter.  This data can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the change processes and businesses.  The change in focus on metrics is customer and stakeholder driven.  This is a perfect example of Cawsey’s conclusion that metrics used for measurement should be developed jointly with the individuals with whom the measures will be used. 


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