Hey Ya’ll

My name is Brad Burbaugh and I am a PhD student in the Department of Agricultural and Extension Education at VT. My undergraduate degree in Agricultural Education and Communication is from the University of Florida and my graduate degree in Public Policy is from the University of North Florida. In my previous careers as an Ag Teacher/FFA Advisor and an Agricultural Extension Agent have enabled me to serve in numerous leadership capacities at the local, state and national level. I recently had a conversation with someone who proclaimed “our civilization is in decline.” I think leaders who are willing to reach out to others, think outside the box, and find pragmatic solutions to our collective problems are needed in our society. I don’t think we are a civilization in decline, but I do think that sometimes people who would be outstanding leaders chose not to lead.  I hope this class will equip me with the tools to become an agent for positive change.  I  have attached a picture of my recent trip to Hawaii because this best represents my love of the beach and FLIP FLOPS!!



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